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A range of products available from us

The only fully waterproof 'auto-darkening' welding lens/filter available anywhere in the world.

This filter, which fits into our latest flip-up assembly, fits to the face plate of the dive hat and provides an essential welding/cutting accessory. There is no need to continually lift the assembly up and down, as the diver can see through the filter (depending upon water conditions). The diver can see clearly for easy and accurate strike-up and re-strike, making for improvements in weld quality and performance, as well as offering a real benefit as a training aid.

The filter is powered by the arc, no batteries, knobs or switches needed and comes with a 1 year guarantee. The filter automatically selects the most appropriate filter strength, based on measured UV light and visibility conditions. The background filter strength is set at #3.


Once tried, you'll never return to glass filters again, that's a promise. More information here.


Image of auto-darkening welding filter

New Welding 'Flip-up' Assembly

We are pleased to launch our new welding lens assembly. This assembly, which fits on the face plate, fully covers the faceplate, so preventing any arc reflection bouncing back into the hat. The assembly is made form a tough, hardwearing lightweight POM-C plastic Polyoxymethylene material, which is non-conductve and has been designed/developed using CAD/CAM technology, to optimise the design and reduce need for maintenance.

The assembly is easy to use (even with thick gloves) to flip-up with just your thumb. A very clever press fit system allows for quick and easy fitting of the filter and yet holds the filter securely. It's light and strong and is designed to be used with our auto-darkening filter, but can also be used with other standard lens. 

Image of welding lens assembly

O2 Gauge

This high pressure/high flow regulator leads the industry in performance and safety. Developed using tried and tested materials combined with the latest technology these regulators are designed to supply high pressure and/or high flow oxygen, ideal for underwater cutting processes.


Image of O2 gauge

Earth Clamps

Image of Dinse brass earth clampWe offer two choices: magnetic or mechanical. The Dinse magnetic clamp offers a high quality, quick and secure way of connecting your return lead and offers high adhesive strength and a universal contact area for flat or rounded surfaces. We do also offer a lower cost 350 amp circular magnetic magnet. with central roating lug and lifting handle. If you prefer a mechanical clamp, our zinc plated parallel closing clamp is a must, as its jaws open/close parallel it is always easy to open/close, while still providing for a safe and secure fixing, essential to successful underwater wet-welding.

Image of Dinse earth clamp

Welding Cables

Close up image of welding cablesGood quality welding copper cables are a must and we only offer the best to BS638. We offer either single insulated (SI) or double insulated (DI) in a range of sizes from 35mm2 – 70mm2. (Larger cables available on request). The photo on the right shows SI and DI cables.


Image of welding cables


Dinse cable and panel plugs and sockets

Close up image of Dinse cable plug and socketThese popular plugs and sockets make connecting cables, tools and equipment easy,simple and secure.


Image of Dinse plugs and sockets

Cutting Torches

Image of Sea TorchWe recommend either the BR-22, or Sea-torch cutting torches. Both torches are designed for maximum diver comfort and fully insulated for safe underwater cutting operations using our Scorpion blue exothermic cutting lances.


Image of Broco torch

Miko – Anchor magnets for divers

Image of orange Miko magnet

  1. 155 x 116 x 36mm, weight 2.5Kg,
    holding force 150-200Kg
  2. 155 x116 x 36mm, weight 3.0Kg,
    holding force 450Kg
  3. 293 x 190 x 152mm, weight 8Kg,
    holding force 1000Kg


Image of yellow Miko magnet Image of red Miko magnet

Magswitch Marine Tethers

Magswitch Marine Tethers provide fast super strong switchable magnets that allow above and below water operators to fasten themselves or their equipment while working on steel hull ships or structures with an easy 180° turn of a lever.  Underwater repairs and inspection can be difficult work trying to maintain position.  Magswitch Tethers solve this challenge with quick connect – disconnect, strong hold.  Ideal for use in military and commercial applications including oil and gas.  Tethers include marine grade corrosive resistant coating and are equipped with positive locks.



  MagTether 300 MagTether 600 MagTether 1000
Part Number 8100111 8100077 8100051
Hold (lbs/kg) 240/108 600/272 1000/455
Height  (in/mm) 5.2/131 7.2/184 10.0/253
Width  (in/mm) 2.0/50 2.0/50 2.8/71
Depth  (in/mm) 4.2/106 4.2/106 7.5/190
Weight  (lbs/kg) 2.2/1.0 4.0/1.8 10.0/4.5


Image of Magswitch magnetic tether