Images of weld prep bevelling

Chamfo Weld Prep Beveller

Bevels plate, pipe and sheet

Image of weld prep beveller

Ever needed to bevel plate and/or pipe ready for welding in an economical, speedy and accurate way? Look no further, as we are pleased to provide the Chamfo range of bevelling tools. These include the GTW1500, GTW2100 and the GTW2700 models. These bevelling tools are unique in design, as they allow for bevelling both plate/sheet and pipe materials and utilise a standard Metabo angle grinder motor (230v or 110v) as its power source. The GTW1500 is light (3.8kg) and easy to use and is high on quality, but low on price. Bevel angles available range from 15-75°. The GTW1500 is fitted with x 3 cutting inserts, which are easy to replace. This model will put a 45° bevel on 10.0mm thick materials. A must for producing accurate weld preps.

Main Features include;

  • Easy control of bevelling depth while bevelling.
  • Easy replacement of cutting tips.
  • Easy adjustment of bevelling angle.
  • Easy bevelling of pipes and curvatures (pipe rolling guides optional extra).
  • Available for use on steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and some plastics.
  • Bevelling depth adjustments available in 0.1mm increments.

Image of bevelling plate and pipeImage of GTW-2700 beveller

Other bevelling tools in the Chamfo range include the GTW2100, which will put a 45° bevel on 15.5mm thick material and the GTW2700, which will put a 45° bevel on 19.0mm thick materials. If you have weld preps to make, then look no further than the Chamfo range. Please call or email us for a quotation

Image of Chamfo weld prep beveller from side Image of Chamfo weld prep beveller showing cutting tips Image of Chamfo weld prep beveller from end Image of Chamfo weld prep beveller depth adjustment



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