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New flip-up assembly for underwater welding

We are pleased to launch our new welding lens assembly. This assembly, which fits all KM hats and helmets and which fully covers the faceplate, so preventing any arc reflection bouncing back into the hat. The assembly is made form a tough, hardwearing lightweight POM-C plastic Polyoxymethylene material, which is non-conductve and has been designed/developed using CAD/CAM technology, to optimise the design and reduce need for maintenance.

The assembly is easy to use (even with thick gloves) to flip-up with just your thumb. A very clever press fit system allows for quick and easy fitting and yet holds the filter securely. It's light and strong and is designed to be used with our auto-darkening filter all for £99.00 + VAT

Image of a diving helmet with the flip-up assembly fitted
Image of a diving helmet with the flip-up assembly fitted

Tungsten Grinder

We are pleased to offer you the Neutrix tungsten grinder. This grinder is a portable tool and is both environmentally friendly and will grind high quality points on electrodes for TIG and plasma welding. The Neutrix is equipped with an inspection cover enabling the operator to see the grinding operation. A unique feature of the Neutrix is that it is equipped with an eccentric plate, which makes it possible to adjust the grinding position on the face of the wheel, this triples the life of the diamond wheel. They are supplied in a case fully equipped for use, electrode clamps for 1.6, 2.4 and 3.2 diameter tungstens are included, other sizes are available. The storage case along with the moderate weight make the Neutrix ideal for working on site.


Unique maintenance products for stainless steel

Innosoft B570 is a special deep cleaner that removes oxides like rust from stainless steel. It is a white viscous liquid with a pH value of 3 consisting of organic acids and surface-active agents; it is free from abrasive particles.  Innosoft B370 is suitable for the intensive cleaning of contaminated surfaces like flash rust and other rusty areas, also known as “tea-staining”.  It is certainly not a pickling agent, so it does not attack the metal.  Innosoft B570 is therefore non-aggressive for metals, but very effective on oxides and dirt.

 Bottles of Innosoft B570  and Innoprotect B580                                     Starter Kit

Innoprotect B580 - This neutral (pH 6.5) mild cleaner can successfully be used in combination with Innosoft B570.  As well as its cleaning action in removing the loosened oxides and contaminants, this product will also leave a microscopic layer of surface protection that will hinder fresh corrosion.  It is also suitable for the everyday cleaning of lightly soiled surfaces that have previously been treated with Innosoft B57

  • Food industry
  • Swimming pools
  •  Industrial cleaning
  • Street furniture
  • Automotive
  •  Offshore
  • Surface treatment, hospitals, hotels

 Starter kit -  If you would like to test these unique products, you can order a starter kit.  This starter kit consists of 250ml Innosoft B570 and 250ml Innoprotect B580 complete with a special sponge to apply the products.  The price of the starter kit is £21.10 excl. VAT plus shipping costs.  


Piranha safety switch gets formal seal of approval

Piranha safety switch

Albright undertake independent testing of our popular Piranha 400 amp safety isolation switches. These tests carried out using UL procedures, now provide independent assurance for our customers on duty cycle ratings for the product as a whole, not just the switch.

Speciality Welds Official UK distributor of Lastek welding consumables and products

Lastek logo

Speciality Welds are now a UK distributor for Lastek welding consumables and equipment.

Follow this link to see the wide range of consumables and equipment available, then call us to order.

Photo of welding with Lastek products.




   Visit their website.



Speciality Welds moves to new purpose built training building.

Photo of Speciality Welds new training unit

The new building allows us to maximise our welder training and qualification services and opens for business in early January 2011. We will also be looking into acting as official UK distributors for Lastek welding consumables and we look forward to bringing this top quality product to the UK.

Our new address is as follows:

  • Unit1
  • Rawfolds Way
  • Spen Valley Industrial Estate
  • Cleckheaton
  • West Yorkshire
  • BD19 5LJ
  • United Kingdom.

Our telephone, fax and email all remain unchanged.

Speciality Welds receives confirmation of recognition by IMarEST

IMarEST logo

The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology has formally recognised the underwater welding programme ‘Weldcraft-Pro’, developed and managed by Speciality Welds. Senior spokesman Mr. Ben Saunders said, “I can confirm that the members of IMarEST Continuing Professional Development Working Group were most impressed with this training course and have recognised it as contributing to an individual member’s professional development requirements”.

Speciality Welds offers the Weldcraft-pro to commercial diver training schools and other specialist training organisations as a ‘self-teach’ programme. In this way, providers who are involved with commercial diver training now have the opportunity to deliver approved/recognised welder training, together with international certification. Training follows the International Institute of Welding (IIW) and European Welding Federation (EWF) guidelines for fillet welding and culminates in approval to ISO 15618-1, or AWS D3.6 welder qualifications.

The programme is 80 hours in duration and certification is issued by EAL (EMTA) Awards, under the approved Test Centre status of Speciality Welds. Mr. David Keats, MD of Speciality Welds said, “This programme is the only one available, anywhere in the world, that provides an opportunity for commercial diver training organisations serious about equipping divers with appropriate welding skills, to meet assessed competency standards that meet industry requirements”. Any organisation interested in running this programme will find more details on the training tool bar.

Speciality Welds are pleased to announce their Quality Management System has been approved by CQS to ISO 9001: 2000

Photo of Julie Keats receiving ISO 9001 certificateImage of ISO9001 logo

Mr Neil Urquhart presents the companies registration certificate to company secretary, Julie Keats. We hope this approval helps to reinforce the commitment we have to our customers and the highest level of customer care and services we offer.

Speciality Welds Ltd now an approved EAL test centre.

Weldcraft Pro logo Is now fully accredited by UK’s leading awarding engineering body (EAL/SEMTA).

Image of EAL Certificate

We are pleased to be able to offer internationally recognised qualifications, through our test centre status, for our underwater WeldCraft-Pro® welding course. For the first time, this will provide a recognised underwater welding qualification, issued by the UK’s leading engineering awarding body, that’s recognised worldwide. This training course is available as a self-teach package to all approved diver training schools as well as individual divers alike. Follow these links for more information about EAL and SEMTA.

Up-graded Piranha Case

Images of new Piranha Case

We are pleased to announce an up-graded case (Storm) for our ever popular Piranha 400-amp safety switch (utility model). These cases offer the following benefits;

  • Tough, Rugged and Lightweight
  • Airtight, Watertight, Impervious to Mother Nature
  • Dent-resistant, Shatter-resistant, Virtually Unbreakable
  • Guaranteed for Life
  • Safe and Secure

Features include;

  • Two Press & Pull Latches
  • Double-layered, Soft-grip Handle
  • Two Padlockable Hasps
  • Vortex™ Valve
  • Flush Powerful Hinges
  • Lightweight Strong HPX® Resin
  • Watertight
  • Dimensions (external) 538 x 406 x 211mm (21” x 16” x 8”)

Underwater Contractor International Trophy for Subsea Innovation

Speciality Welds was awarded the ‘Underwater Contractor International’ trophy for Subsea innovation, at the 2006 inshore diving conference, held in London and organised by the Association of Diving Contractors. The award was given for outstanding contribution to industry, for a number of innovations; including the new waterproof auto-darkening welding lens, Hammerhead wet-spot welding process and for improved cutting safety the Swordfish ‘arc’ cutting electrode.

Photo of David Keats receiving the award

David Keats receiving the award

DTI SMART Award awarded to Hammerhead Wet-Spot Welding Process

Smart Award logo

Read the Hammerhead Smart Award Report here

'Auto-Darkening' Welding Filter

Image of Auto Darkening Visor

Another world's first for Speciality Welds: A fully waterproof 'Auto-Darkening' welding filter. The only fully waterproof 'auto-darkening' welding lens/filter available anywhere in the world today.

This filter, which will fit into a standard Kirby Morgan welding assembly provides a very convenient welding or cutting accessory, as there is no need to continually lift the assembly up and down, as the diver can see through the filter, thereby, saving time (depending upon water conditions). The diver can also see for easy and accurate re-striking, making for improvements in weld quality and performance, as well as offering a real benefit as a training aid.

Read more about the filter and buy it online here.