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Welder Training and Qualification Testing (Coding)

Looking for bespoke specialist welding training or getting tested (coded)? We offer basic, intermediate and/or advanced welder training courses and have been industry experts for over 35 years. We provide fully qualified and experienced welding instructors and we have our own in-house, accredited welding surveyor (Zurich Insurance), to witness all coded weld tests; saving you time and money, as there is no need to pre-book a surveyor; you test when you are ready.

We have a fully equipped training workshop with fully fitted welding bays and can offer full cutting and bevelling facilities. We also guarantee never to have more than a 4:1 student-instructor ratio, thus assuring you of the closest tuition at all times. We hold stock of a range of sheet and plate materials; from 1.8mm-12.0mm and our standard pipe sizes range from 60mm, 114mm and 168.0mm OD (other sizes available upon request).

We will work closely with you to tailor your welder training requirements to your specific demands, rather than just offering standard 'modular' fixed duration training. In this way you pay for the welding bay, equipment, facilities and instruction for the number of days required to allow you to reach the standard you need, or take a welder qualification (code) test. We pride ourselves on offering a personal, bespoke professional service to both small and large companies and individuals alike. Welders come from all over the country, in fact they come from all over the world to train and test with us. We cover England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We also offer international training options. 

Gain High Quality Welding Skills

We teach welding to approved International Standards and offer ‘test’ only days, for welders who only require approval/re-approval. Our training courses start from a single day, to 2, 3, 5 or 10 days, right up to 3-6 weeks options. Although essentially practical, training modules can contain theoretical content with full printed notes available on request. Our close supervision style of training generally means that welders already working in the trade don't need longer than 5-10 days in order to reach test standard. The actual content and level of training is tailored to your specific requirements, but is available from basic craft skills, to more advanced technician skills. Welder training can be delivered on-site, or at our training centre, here in West Yorkshire. 


Where appropriate, prior to the delivery of training an individual assessment can be conducted to help clarify and identify your current abilities, in relationship to expected requirements/standards. 

Welding Processes/Material & Joints

We offer training in the following processes on mild/low alloy steels, aluminium alloys, stainless steels, nickel alloys. covering fillet, butt and branch joints/welds in pipe, plate and sheet materials. We are authorised to carry out Third Party Organisation (TPO) work relating to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

  • Manual Metal Arc (MMA) conventional and stove pipe techniques using rutile, low hydrogen, cellulosic and iron power electrodes
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)
  • Metal Active / Metal Inert Gas (MIG/MAG)
  • Gas shielded Flux cored arc welding (FCAW) 
  • Oxy-Acetylene cutting & welding and safety check/set-up procedures for all oxy-acetylene welding equipment
  • Brazing and Soldering

Welder Approval Qualification Testing (codes)

We offer full insurance class (Zurich) approvals, all in-house under one roof, without the need to book an outside surveyor (we have our own in-house surveyor). You can training or test on sheet, plate or pipe in any position, right up to HL045 (6G) or 6GR position, in carbon or stainless steel and/or aluminium alloys.

Welding Certification options;

BSEN 287-1/BSEN ISO 9606-1:2013 Qualification testing of welders – fusion welding of steels
BSEN ISO 9606-2: 2004 Qualification of welders - Aluminium & aluminium alloys
BSEN ISO 14732:2013 Approval testing of welding operators – fusion welding and resistance weld setters for automatic and fully mechanized welding of metallic materials
AWS D1.1M:2008 Structural welding code – steel
AWS D3.6 2010 Specification for underwater welding 
BSEN ISO 15618-1, or AWS D3.6M-2010 Specification for underwater welding
ASME 1X BPVC 2013: Welding and Brazing Qualifications code
BS ISO 24394:2008 (Qualification test for welders and welding operators. Fusion welding of metallic components welding for Aerospace applications) and/or client specific requirements.
CAA Chapter A8-10 and/or BS ISO 24394:2008 + A1: 2012
BSEN ISO 13585:2012 Brazing - Qualification test for brazing and brazing operators
BS 4872-1/2 Qualification of welders without the need for an approved welding procedure

Certification & Approval of Welding Procedures (WPS)

Formal qualification approval of a welding procedure (WPS) can sometimes go hand in hand with welder qualifications. Our fully qualified Zurich welding surveyor can write, develop and approve all your WPS for any welding process, for fillet and/or butt welds in sheet, plate or pipe in accordance with the following standards:

  • BSEN ISO 15609-1:2004 (Arc welding)
  • BSEN ISO 15609-2: 2001 (Gas welding)
  • BSEN ISO 15614-1: 2004 (Arc & gas welding of steels, nickel and nickel alloys)
  • AWS D1.1 and 1.2
  • CAA (Chaper A8-10)

If you would like to learn how we can help you improve your skills, or become a coded welder, please get in touch, ask for David Keats and he'll send you a registration form.  

If you wish to attend our training centre you will need to complete a registration form. We can send you this by email, or post. Simply email or telephone us on 0844 800 1810 On the form you will be asked to offer 3 possible start dates. Once an acceptable date is agreed, we will then ask for a non-refundable deposit, which can be paid via internet banking directly into our account, or by cheque. Please note all training must be paid in full at the start of training.