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Underwater Diver-Welder Training


Welcome to the UK's leading underwater training programme; your one stop shop for all things welding. We offer the most advanced welder-diver training available.

David J. Keats has been offering training to commercial divers, in underwater welding, since the late 1980's. Our facilities are fully equipped to deliver bespoke wet-welder training. Our hands-on training services will provide you with the skills you need. David Keats is the author of The Professional Diver's Manual on Wet Welding, Underwater Wet Welding; A Welder's Mate and has over 30 years experience.  He is also the author of accredited Weldcraft-Pro™ training programme.

If you are looking for a practical, hands-on skills based training courses, so you can produce coded quality welds, or you just want a refresher course and/or take a welder qualification test to ISO 15618-1, or AWS D3.6 standards, then please follow the link to  Weldcraft-Pro™ .


What's onoffer:

Basic, intermediate or advanced training and/or test days. You can select whether you only cover hands-on practical skill, or whether you also want to include theory for your course (with or without exam).


Entry Qualifications:

You MUST hold a recognised, valid commercial diving qualification. Here is a guide to the UK's  HSE standard;
http://www.hse.gov.uk/diving/qualifications/approved-list.pdf  You must also hold a valid commercial diving medical certificate.



From 1 to 10 days. The duration of training will depend on your background and current skill set and what stand you wish to achieve.


Practical Based Training:

You will learn to produce single and multipass fillet welds in plate (basic), or pipe to plate (intermediate) or pipe to pipe (advanced) in a number of welding positions, through a series of planned, fixed exercises. 


Knowledge Based Training:

You can attend lectures in our classroom and then study individual learning outcomes (LOC) online to suit yourself, or we can just cover key topics, in order to help develop your practical skills. You can also take a closed book exam, to obtain a verified certificate of achievement by EAL. More information about EAL can be found here; http://www.eal.org.uk/about-eal/eal-awards 


 Approval Qualifications:

We offer a choice of three standards (codes)

  • ISO 15618-1
  • AWS D3.6M
  • BS4872-1


More Information:

If you would like to learn more about this training or wish to make a booking. Please email us on  leo.mccormack@specialwelds.com