Image of auto-darkening welding filter

'Auto-Darkening' Welding Filter

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Image of auto-darkening welding filter

The only fully waterproof 'auto-darkening' welding lens/filter available anywhere in the world.

This filter, which fits into our latest flip-up assembly, fits on face plate of the dive hat and provides an essential welding/cutting accessory. There is no need to continually lift the assembly up and down, as the diver can see through the filter (depending upon water conditions). The diver can see clearly for easy and accurate strike-up and re-strike, making for improvements in weld quality and performance, as well as offering a real benefit as a training aid.

The filter is powered by the arc, no batteries, knobs or switches needed and comes with a 1 year guarantee. The filter automatically selects the most appropriate filter strength, based on measured UV light and visibility conditions. The background filter strength is set at #3.


Once tried, you'll never return to glass filters again, that's a promise.