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Superstar 200 - 300 - 400 - 600

The "Hardworking" Rectifiers!

Image of Superstar rectifiers

Image of internals of Superstar rectifier

Image of Superstar rectifier cooling

The "SUPERSTAR" series of rectifiers are, as a result of their high duty cycles, good ignition properties, and high quality welding currents, the most indispensable welding units available today for any applications involving the use of coated stick electrode welding.


  • excellent ignition.
  • smooth and stable welding arc.
  • very suitable for difficult welding electrodes such as aluminium, copper, nickel.
  • cutting and gouging of all metals by special covered or carbon electrodes.
  • hard surfacing with electrodes or flux cored welding wire.
  • TIG-welding of steel, stainless steel, nickel and its alloys.


  • three phase rectifier with transductor control and constant current.
  • copper-wound transformer, transductor and inductance coil.
  • electrical control of the welding current.
  • duty cycle of 60% at the maximum position of the current ensures practical continuous use of the SUPERSTAR.
  • connection for remote control.
  • solid casing in a modern design.


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